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Marine with Rifle on Shoulder

“It’s always good to have a stash of ideas tucked away because you’re bound to run into the blank screen of boredom sooner or later.” - One of our designers said


This vector image features five doctors or healthcare professionals. Three of the physicians are men and two are women. The figures are shown in silhouette except for their white lab coats. This stock image can be used to represent a variety of different doctors such as gynecologists, pharmacists, general practitioners, pediatricians, veterinarians and many more. This image can also represent non-medical professions including scientists, lab technicians, engineers or any profession that utilizes lab coats. 

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Two of the figures have a stethoscope draped around their necks and two of them are carrying a clipboard. Since the figures are shown in silhouette, they remain racially neutral meaning they can represent any race or no race at all. In today’s diverse world, it is important to be inclusive and represent as much of the population as possible. However, there are times when it is necessary to appeal to a specific demographic. It is for this reason that there are two alternate versions of this file which feature white European/Caucasian figures or black/African-American figures.

This artwork was skillfully drawn in Adobe Illustrator and was saved in the .eps file format, which allows users of other vector programs such as Corel draw, Affinity Designer and Inkscape to open and edit the file. Each doctor is on his or her own layer and is separated from the green background. The file is fully eligible and can be customized and the colors, strokes and fills can be altered to fit the needs of your project. 

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